Through Television and Radio the organisation gives legal education to the society regarding  the Law relating to administration of estates, matrimonial, labour laws and land laws, just to mention but a few. It also conducts live programmes that include questions from audience and answers from the presenters in order to solve their queries. 


The organization uses radios stations which have wider coverage, and through them the organization made immense achievements. Radio and television programs make it possible our objectives reach people in the rural and remote areas.


WANGAPI TBC Taifa is a radio programme broadcast by WOLAT. WANGAPI is a Swahili word which simply means HOW MANY (ARE CONVERSANT WITH THE LAWS OF THE LAND).The achievements under this programme have been very encouraging in providing legal aid by lawyers and members of the public have benefited a lot. 


WOLAT programmes both in the radio and television broadcasts have attracted a good number of audience and viewers and questions have been on the rise with time, the audience and viewers seeking solutions to problems arising from their daily undertakings.