While legal awareness is the natural starting point for legal empowerment, more often than not it has to be followed by legal assistance in actually accessing rights.


Reality has it that justice does not easily reach the weaker sections of the society due to a number of reasons. Cumbersome procedures and delays due to technicalities which the common man, often being without basic knowledge, and at times illiterate, neither understands nor appreciates them. So, here to achieve our goal in this area the method shall be firstly to give them guidance regarding their legal rights and then giving free legal assistance, free of cost since they cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court, tribunal or litigation before any authority.


Spreading of awareness regarding human rights and basic Legal Rights


the organization tries to make the masses aware of their rights throughseminars, meetings, legal camping and publication of legal papers since the majority are the ones who suffer from discrimination, poverty and humiliation.

In order to achieve this goal to at least the required minimum seminars are conducted as and when an opportunity arises given the financial constraints. Resource persons are obtained from in-house members of WOLAT and sometimes from sympathisers amongst lawyers within and outside the country.


The evaluation made on the work of the organisation found that the organisation programmes helped change lives of Tanzanians in a variety of ways through making people aware of their rights and training them not only to claim those rights but also assert them. Through its legal education programme conducted through radios, televisions and different seminars and workshops many people became aware of their rights and what to do in case of breaches.