Legal aid is not readily available in Tanzania and WOLAT legal services offer relief to the indigent regardless of gender, political orientation or cultural beliefs, enabling clients to access justice that otherwise would be beyond their reach. The law is complex and people need assistance and advice if they are to access the formal justice system. WOLAT, through its permanent office and mobile legal aid clinics provides legal assistance to the marginalised and vulnerable groups.


WOLAT provides legal services especially in consultation, drafting, litigation, submissions, mediation and counselling through its trained and reputed staff.  The most common types of cases brought to WOLAT are probate, matrimonial, labour, maintenance, land and inheritance however, WOLAT’s professional legal staff and volunteers are equipped to handle a wide range of legal issues depending on the types and needs of the clients.


WOLAT does not have enough resources to appear in court for all its clients but uses its expertise to prepare court papers for the clients to use as a self-actor. Over the past 10 years WOLAT has given legal aid to men and women, empowered them to present their cases with confidence and win awards rightfully. The organization has managed to provide Legal aid to more than 1000 clients per year.  The attendance of the people is increasing daily. Probate disputes have been mentioned to rank high on the list, women and orphans being the most affected group.