About Wolat



The general public outcries are complaints all over the country regarding timely dispensations of justice. There are tacit barriers making it difficult for the disadvantaged groups to access the judicial systems and other legal machineries, groups such as those with physical disabilities, women, children, widows, widowers, orphans and low income earners are always victims of such barriers. 


Basically WOLAT is established following the hardships that Widowers, Widows and Orphans face in the absence of significant family member, specifically in the administration of estates. It has been a tendency that, when one or both parents die, or one of the dependents dies, relatives misuse the property as against the wishes of the bereft members. Certainly those relatives normally had contributed nothing in the attainment of the properties of the deceased. Soon after the funeral the legally entitled members to the estate become strangers, alienated from their own homes and ending up empty handed. Not aware of their essential legal rights and lack of funds to hire private practitioners they lose everything they had. 


WOLAT was formed, inter alia, to address to the problem of misuse of estates of deceased persons by relatives or unscrupulous administrators. 


WOLAT plays a vital role in improving access to justice by providing timely legal aid and education through Television, radios, seminars, workshops and to all those who visit WOLAT offices. It also promotes reconciliation to minor disputes between members of the society.




The organisation vision is to facilitate the promotion and protection of human rights in all its aspects on charitable basis. WOLAT shall educate society and conduct awareness programs concerning their legal rights, laws, duties and responsibilities towards each other at national level.




The organization mission is to reduce the infringement of the Human Rights in the nation by formulating strategies and creating awareness of the basic Human Rights through seminars, radio programs, workshops and the like, related to law governing their daily lives. It is also the WOLAT mission to see everybody in the society and in particular WIDOWERS, WIDOWS AND ORPHANS live peacefully without any interference or infringement to their rights.